NextStep provides the opportunity for life-long health and recovery for people living with paralysis, and mobility impairments, in communities nationwide.

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Locomotor Training

Locomotor Training is an innovative intervention that helps individuals with gait impairments. NextStep Fitness was the first facility on the West Coast to offer Locomotor Training in a community fitness setting. Learn More

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(Based on recent Reeve Foundation survey on the prevalence of paralysis in the US and from facts on the CDRF website.)

Chance someone in the United States is living with paralysis: 1 in 50

Number of people living with paralysis in the United States: 6 M

Population of the combined populations of LA, Philadelphia, Washington DC: 6 M

Number of people in the United States living with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI): 1.275 M

Percentage of SCI individuals who are discharged from hospitals to private homes: 87.9

Average number of days an SCI patients spends in rehabilitation before being discharged home: 36
Estimated lifetime costs for a 25-yr old with SCI: $681,843 to over $3 M

Household income for those who reported being paralyzed is significantly lower than household income
for the country as a whole, as reported by the United States Census.